Admission Taboo?

<p>I'm applying for graduate school and I'm working on my supplemental application. </p>

<p>The question:
Describe any special circumstances that you feel might aid the Committee on Admissions in evaluating your application.</p>

<p>During college I was an all A and B student. During one semester I got an A, B, C, and F.
I was taking Organic Chem, Physics with Calculus, Genetics, and Civic Engagement.
During that semester my mom was going through a crazy separation from an abusive husband, who was threating and stalking her, as well as threatening me. That, plus her being forced to move in with me, working full time, and that course load...I was destined for failure. Retook the organic, which I failed, the following semester, got a B+, and grades were great after. </p>

<p>Is it taboo to mention this during this question? I feel like I owe an explanation considering it's an obvious outlier.</p>

<p>I wouldn't say it's a taboo (as long as you weren't assisting during the threatening and stalking).</p>

<p>No, this is not taboo, but it is unfortunately something you had to deal with during college. Mention this, but don't make your whole application about this situation, especially if you and your mom are now back on your feet.</p>