Admission Ticket dilemma

<p>Well here goes.
I registered for the November SAT Reasoning Test by mail. The test itself is less than two weeks away and I am yet to receive my admission ticket. I was in the same dilemma in the October test, but thankfully I was able to print out my admission ticket from the Registrations Completed link in the My Organizer page. If you are wondering as to how I got my Registration Number- I got it from a notice that ETS sent me stating that I had some amount due on my registration, but that’s all cleared up now.</p>

<p>But now whenever I click on the Registrations Completed link, I am taken to the SAT Registration and Scores page. This page enables me to start a new registration but provides no scope of printing out my admission ticket for November.</p>

<p>I already mailed CB and waiting for their response. But until then, if there are any CC posters who might be able to help me with the situation, please do? </p>


<p>You need to email CB (go to the contact us located at the bottom of the page) and let them know you have not received your ticket. They can email you your registration; although I would assume it would show up in your My Organizer. As you are not in the states, it is possible your registration has not or did not arrive in time. You said you mailed CB; if you didn't email, do that today.</p>

<p>try calling CB and speaking to a representative</p>