Admission to Berkeley or LA

Hello guys! I was just wondering what you guys think. So I am planning to transfer to UCB, UCLA, or UCSB for Applied Math from UCI. This year I completed all my GE’s, took the physics series with labs, and completed Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations. My problem is my 3.059 GPA. The thing was that my mom was actually diagnosed with breast cancer last fall, and to help with medical bills, I started to work about 30 hours a week down in LA. So I had to take a couple of buses from Irvine to LA to get to my job site. And as a consequence, my grades took the toll. I got a C+, B-, and A in Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations respectively. But I was also in a math club and was part of student government for the engineering school. On my second year, I plan to take the whole chemistry series with labs, Intro to Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, and a couple engineering courses. Do you guys think I have a shot at UCB or UCLA even if my GPA isn’t so high? Thanks!

…As a student who got accepted to UCLA and rejected to UCB with a 3.97 GPA, I unfortunately believe your GPA is too low. The application process is holistic though so don’t hesitate to give it a try!

@nnocnat2 for math?

I don’t know exactly what you mean by “for math”, but I just think that gaining admission to UCB or UCLA with a 3.059 GPA is tough regardless.