<p>Just wondering if i could get my admission recinded. I am struggling in one subject, English where I went from a 89 to a 83 (B+ to a B-). This is the only subject I've been struggling. I am going to Syracuse. Any info and/or advise would be great! Thanks!</p>

<p>That's unlikely to cause Syracuse to rescind your admission. If you were dropping to a "D," that's the kind of problem that could cause your admission to be withdrawn.</p>

<p>Please.. B+ to a B-? There's no way in heck you are getting recinded with that. Even if more than one of your grades went from B+'s (or A's) to B-'s, you won't get recinded. Don't worry about it.</p>

<p>It'd have to drop down to C- or D's</p>