<p>Feel free to post your questions about the Admission process for William Jewell College!</p>

<p>Upcoming Early Application Deadline: November 1st
Apply by that date and receive:
-Waived Application Fee
-Priority Scholarship Consideration
-Priority Housing Registration
-Priority Class Registration</p>

<p>September 1: Online application available</p>

<p>Apply by November 1: Early Application Deadline
-Receive Priority Scholarship Consideration
-Receive Priority Housing Registration
-Receive Priority Class Registration</p>

<p>Apply by December 1: Priority Application Deadline
-Receive Priority Scholarship Consideration</p>

<p>January 1: FAFSA Process Begins (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)</p>

<p>May 1: Enrollment Deposit Deadline
-Admitted students may deposit at any time leading up to May 1
-The Enrollment Deposit is also fully refundable up to this date</p>

<p>Please be aware that certain scholarships have additional deadlines...</p>