Admissions Appointment after rejection

I received my rejection letter last week, but today I received a call from gs and a member of staff from the admissions office contacted me to discuss the reasons for my unsuccessful application.
She said there was nothing wrong with my academic performance, there was a problem with my essay, gave me some guidance advice and said I could continue to talk to her if I had any questions. I asked her if I could apply for the follwing year and she said it was fine, but that I should think about the problems with my essay before applying.

Does everyone who gets a rejection letter get a call like this? I have received many rejection letters, but this is the first time I have been contacted by the admissions office after receiving a rejection letter.
Is this a good sign or am I being presumptuous?

I don’t think everyone gets them. But some do. It’s worth reapplying with an updated essay.

I felt there were some problems with my essay when I was applying, But I’ve had too many bad encounters so I haven’t corrected them, and it seems that everything has its consequence