Admissions boost for Early Decision?

Was just looking at the most recent common data set and it doesn’t appear as though there’s a big boost in admissions for Early Decision at VT? Wondering if folks have insight on this. Interested in engineering for an OOS applicant.

I know there’s a been a lot of changes in admissions processes in the last couple years – not sure if/how those affect early decision outcomes.


Can you define “boost”? Are you referring to % likelihood that an ED applicant will be offered admission? VT has been pretty clear in past years that applying ED isn’t an easier route to acceptance. While it’s not represented in the CDS, I would guess that a decent number of those who were not accepted under ED and were deferred to EA ultimately were admitted.

Yes, I meant increased likelihood of being accepted. Most private schools there’s a big boost from ED – twice or even greater chance of admissions.

Not so at VT?


I think there may have been a preconception in the past that applying ED increased your likelihood of receiving an offer (and perhaps that may have been the case once upon a time). It’s possible that the current CDS reflects as such - maybe more unqualified applicants applied ED thinking it was an easier path?

I would guess that a well qualified OOS ED applicant may have a little bit of a leg up.

Your assessment fits with the data that I saw – thank you!

At least going ED you get multiple looks at your application. They are going to be a little pickier at ED acceptance but at the same time showing your commitment that your going to accept the offer can increase chances.

But if you don’t get in ED then you get another look at Early Action. In my opinion the more looks the better. If VT is your top choice I don’t see any reason you shouldn’t apply ED.