Admissions by major??? Specifically UC's, more specifically UCLA??? Please answer!:)

<p>Is it true that if you apply to UCLA with a lesser major, it will impact your chances of being accepted???
For example if someone with a not so great high school resume applies with a lesser major, like History it will impact their chances of acceptance?
What if someone had a 3.6 UC GPA 3.75 wt UC GPA (cumulative 3.75 un wtd and 3.8 wtd)
and had around 1800-1900 SAT and applies to UCLA with a history major, will it increases their chances of acceptance???</p>

<p>for ucla major only impacts decision on acceptance if engineering/arts since for letters & science many people end up changing their major
was stated in one of the uc app utube vids</p>

<p>Most would still need average stats for UCLA for any major: a 4.2 UC GPA and 2050 SAT. Don't forget, lots of those accepted are athletes who tend to lower the overall average. The point is that you need higher stats for very impacted majors, not that you can get in with below average stats for less popular ones.</p>

<p>I don't know what you make you think history is a "lessor" department. UCLA history has 65 faculty and 1300 undergraduate majors. It's an excellent department and a big, popular major. Frankly, you could do a lot worse than become a history major.</p>