Admissions Chances RD to Carnegie Mellon (CMU)??

Please be as honest as possible. My feeling won’t be hurt :slight_smile:
-3.83: Unweighted GPA (My school doesn’t use unweighted)
-4.55: Weighted GPA
-35: ACT (1 Attempt)
-800: Math II SAT
-780: World History SAT
-Very rigorous course load since freshman year (most rigorous classes offered at my school)
-4 AP’s by end of junior year
-Regional Science Fair Winner
-I’m on Honor Roll every year
-I should be in National Merit Semifinalist (222 score and I live in PA)
-Currently, I run a business club at my high school
-First chair in the orchestra. We play at community service events throughout the year
-Researching investment techniques and creating a project to teach to other highschoolers these techniques
-Heavily involved (18h a week) in varsity athletics. I am just under the level of the average recruit, but I am close.
-Expecting excellent teacher recommendations
-Go to school in western PA; (probably means nothing)
-My high school does not rank students

-Any thoughts? Feedback would be immensely helpful. Thanks!

intended major?

@kjake2000 School of science

Looks good overall, but I have to ask why your second SAT subject test was World History and not a science.