Admissions Chances: Transferring to Cockrell School of Engineering

Hello, folks, I applied for fall 2017 admissions to the University of Texas from Iowa State University for aerospace engineering. I will enter fall 2017 with a 4.0 GPA, and I will complete Calculus III, Classical Physics I, General Chemistry I, and some other technical coursework by the end of this semester. I also have coursework in philosophy and ethics of diversity, which is so important especially in a culture as diverse as Austin. I am in the Iowa State Honors College, and I was informed that I am in the top 2% of my class at Iowa State.
I was the captain of my high school baseball team, and I am active in clubs at Iowa State. I also wrote two solid essays supported by one recommendation letter.
I would really appreciate if someone with knowledge of the admissions process could weigh in on my chances for admission. The excitement is building, and I can’t wait for the decision!

Why Texas now? Iowa State has a good ABET-certified engineering program, and you’re in the Honors college. Get your undergraduate degree–you’re doing well!–then you can work for a while, or apply to UT as a graduate student.

UT will challenge me more both academically and socially. Austin is way more alive, and it’s much warmer. Plus, all of my family lives in Texas, which makes it much easier to be involved in family events. Iowa State is fine, but UT is ideal.

That makes a big difference. OOS students that transfer in have to work especially hard to find their “tribe.” But with family and Texas roots that might not apply for you.

I’d still really appreciate if someone could weigh in on my admissions chances

You’re missing differential equations and eng. physics 2… which are recommended. Most people that transfer have them! Other than that, you’re solid.
Let us know what happens with you.

I appreciate the feedback! I am transferring after my freshman year, so I hope they will take that into account. I will make sure to post the decision once I receive it!

I was accepted for aerospace engineering!

Congratulations and welcome to Austin!