Admissions Decisions 2022

Decisions should be coming out next week for UAlbany for Early Action if its based on last year’s class. You can post when you got your decision and whether you were accepted or not.

Here are my stats:

Indian, born in US, Male from New York

Household income: (roughly 130k)

GPA: 89.4 unweighted so a 3.4UW, school does not give weighted but i would say like a 3.7-3.8W with my honors and ap’s.
Class Rank: 30/214 top 15%

Took all honors courses with one AP in 10th and 11th (got 2’s on both)
Taking 3 AP’s in 12th
Took 5 out of 11 AP’s offered at my school.
Total of 14 honors classes, 5 ap’s, 3 dual enrollment with universities like Syracuse and UAlbany (includes senior year)

Personal Essay: 10/10 stellar essay, expect it to put me over the top with my borderline stats if they were going to go to that to make a final decision (sorry not trying to sound cocky)
Teacher Recommendations: 6/10
Counselor Recommendation: 7.5/10

Test Scores:
SAT: 1310 (700 M/610RW)
SAT II’s: 560 Math, 520 US History… I know this is terrible but I did not want to send these but I accidentally sent it to Albany using my 4 free score reports from Collegeboard.

ECs: All years include Senior Year

Baseball Team (3 years), Model U.N./Congress(2 years), Key Club (Community Service Club, 3 years), A.R.I.S.T.A(2 years, basically National Junior Honor Society), English NHS (2 years), Spanish NHS (2 years) , Garden Club (2 years)

Volunteer Work:
Currently volunteering at a Nursing Home in the recreational department (2+ years, 200+ hours)


Spent a summer abroad in India with a programming professor where i learned C, HTML, and Excel.

Certified to work with C language (programming language)–>goes hand in hand with my intended major

Certified to work with HTML (Website building)

Certified to work with Microsoft Excel

Expected Major: CS

You are a great candidate for Albany. I even think you have a shot at Binghamton

Thank you, yeah i applied to bing and stony brook, hopefully i get into them or at least one. Yeah i would be really surprised if i got rejected especially since the CS program at albany is not that great. I like the school overall overall except the area of my intended major. Im considering it a safety

Just try to get in the program like CS you like, work hard. Solid your academy, and plan to transfer to either Bing or SBU. Never concern which one is better, this is just undergraduate study, not master or PhD. In addition, CS needs more hands-on experience from projects.

thanks for the reply @Educationfather , so you think ill get into albany but have no shot at bing and stony for CS undergrad?

At this moment, your Chance of CS for Bing and SBU is not so great. For your test scores, do need to show one of them are very strong. Honestly speaking, if I took AP courses, just choose two each year, went to the CB AP test, tried to get 4 or 5, earn college credits anyway, show my study power, and save college cost. Does this make sense?

My best friend just got into Albany at 1:20pm! She is out of state and got a 8000$ scholarship for being oos. I’m in state, so I’m still waiting to hear!

Congrats to your friend, @jojo230 - did she find out via email, portal, or regular mail?

@Momof3seniors She got an email to check her portal and then the acceptance was online.

@jojo230 Good to know - thanks! May I ask what major she applied to? My son is waiting to hear if he got Direct Admit into one of the Business School majors.

thats great to hear, usually acceptances come via the mail only, guess they changed it this year. i hope i hear soon. i applied Oct 24th for CS and am in state. mind if i know her stats @jojo230 to get a better idea? also did the email come at 1:20pm? sorry for all the questions albany is my top choice.

@Momof3seniors I’m not sure what major she applied to, sorry. @nyknicks1000 yes she got it this afternoon, it’s her top choice also! I don’t know what here stats are, but she’s a good student and the captain of 2 varsity sports.

Has anybody heard anything this week?

Currently a freshman here and I heard back on December 9th last year. Highly advise not committing here there are os many other schools that are better.

@joeyl11 Your experience is not going to be the same as other people. I hear from so many current UAlbany students that they love it. This thread is for people who are anxiously awaiting their decisions. No one came and rained on your parade on last year’s thread - the one on which you were SO excited to be accepted and attend.

@Momof3seniors Initially, I was excited to attend. Things change. I’m just putting in my personal experience because clearly, I don’t like the school like everyone else does. My intention isn’t to rain on the prospective students parade. I just want them to know that a lot of people including myself aren’t happy here and that there are better schools. Yes, I believe he will get in. I’m just suggesting that there are better schools out there where they can thrive academically and socially.

Don’t listen to Educationfather, your stats are good and you have a great chance for BU or SBU

I applied EA and have not heard yet. Here are my stats, for reference and if anyone wants to chance me:
UW GPA: 89.5
SAT: 1250
ACT: 28 (sent both)
ECs: 4 years of theatre, 2 years of a student-run mental health organization, around 100 cumulative hours of community service here and there, student council
Essay: 9/10
Recommendations: 9/10
Class Rank: 29/150 (top 20%)

Just got accepted! Got an email around 4ish that my application status was updated.


Congtats!! Are you in state or out of state? My son applied as well EA and we are waiting. We are in state. Also, what major did you choose?