Admissions decisions broken down by ACT/SAT

Is anyone aware of any data looking at selective college admissions acceptance rates broken down by ACT/SAT scores? Yes, I know admissions at these types of schools is holistic. Just curious to see what effect, for example, a 35/36 ACT versus 32/33 ACT has in overall admission rate at selective schools. Any data out there?

I’ll bet the rate is higher for the 35/36.

Here’s a chart for princeton showing acceptance rates for different ranges of the SAT/ACT:

According to the chart, those with an SAT of 2300-2400 have nearly double the chance to get admitted than those with 2100-2290.

MIT also has statistics like that although the resolution is not high.

Be wary of correlation vs. causation.

Thanks cheese and billcsho. And thanks for the great insight justonedad; shocking. I am very wary of correlation vs. causation. Just looking to see what is out there. Obviously lots of factors, and hard to see the effect of test scores in isolation.

Also you can look at the Common Data Set for the schools to get this info.

wank, not exactly. they tell you the ranges, etc. But, I was looking for what the princeton web site as posted above gives.

Sometimes a school will provide this level of granularity on their CDS but it’s not very common. For some reason schools like to show ACT in the 30 - 36 range which is super broad and essentially useless

@cdk, I like the Princeton thing, too.