Admissions Decisions Class of 2021

For rising Seniors applying in Fall 2016

I am applying but why did you make this post?

@almostdonewithhs - So that applicants and parents can discuss how the application process is coming along? Every application year has a discussion chain…

Sorry I didn’t know if you wanted to post that long list of like :
Application date:

I applied a couple weeks ago but my school hasn’t sent my transcripts/recs yet. Hoping to hear back as soon as possible because Ohio State is definitely one of my favorite schools I’m looking at!

@rose621 - Good Luck! I am a freshman at OSU. I had applied early (College of Engineering) as well and heard back in the 1st round of admits, right before Thanksgiving weekend.

I am giving back by sharing my experience with those who are applying this year.

Excited to see this post. Can’t wait to read along! I can’t believe it’d this time of year again already.

First Post :slight_smile: I submitted common app yesterday but myStatus says they have not gotten my ACT scores that I sent 2 months ago so if any one knows whats up with that…

@ATLBornNRaised it probably just is not updated yet. I would give it some time.

@ATLBornNRaised Given that you say you sent it a few months ago I would call admissions and ask if they received your ACT scores. Sometimes there is just a delay in posting on My Status, but I would think they should have received it by now. You don’t want to wait until October to find out it got lost or misplaced. If they don’t have it you may want to check with the ACT and have your score resent.

D applied in August but HS just sent transcripts on Friday. OSU should now have all required documents for her application so now we wait. This is in her top 3 choices but we considered this school a bit of a stretch for her.

@ATLBornNRaised - I agree with @trackmbe3, you should at least call to confirm that they have it. Update of My Status could be delayed due to system issues or once your app is reviewed. Good Luck.

I just submitted. When should I expect my login info?

@soyunchico my D had her login info 3 or 4 days after they downloaded her common app. She sent hers in early August.

@dcolosi ok thank you. Good luck to your daughter!

My daughter had the same thing happen- with ALL of her applications. Keep in mind, she took the June ACT, and applied to TOSU in Aug. It is likely the school just didn’t really have any place to “store” her scores since by the time they received the file, she was not an applicant… Anyway- We called ACT and they informed us that the way the school requests the records is the variable. Ask ACT for the batch number your scores were sent and the date. It may just take a little time for all info to sync up between application and your Buckeyelink portal. But having the info from ACT will be useful if you see in a week or two the portal shows that ACT still missing. You can call admissions (they are incredibly nice and helpful) and supply them with the batch numbers… Best of luck to you! GO Buckeyes!

Status says “Evaluation.” Does anyone know how we find out the decision?

@ Soyunchico - First off, “Evaluation” - is a good status to see on your profile. It means your application is now being reviewed. You could potentially see a status update on your applicant page during the initial rounds !!

Last year, 1st round of decisions declared (Status = “Admitted”) was on the Friday before Thanksgiving 11/20/2015, that was the pattern for previous years too. After Thanksgiving break the admittance declarations came every other Friday until Winter break. Same pattern after the winter break. Hope this helps !

Good Luck!

@dreamed thank you so much! So we find out on the website?

@soyunchico - No problem. Yep on the OSU applicant center.

Once your status gets updated to “Admitted”, OSU will send out formal letters sometime in Dec, Jan, Feb etc. depending on when they decisioned on your application.