Admissions Decisions - Class of 2022

For C/o 2022 applicants to discuss admissions.

Submitted my EA application on Dec 1st and eager to hear back! Anybody know when we should hear back?

I heard back already. Submitted my application at the end of October and got a decision at the end of November. Good luck!

My son submitted application on 11/01 and his Portal acceptance was updated after business hours 12/04. A few days later we received a snail mail letter with merit award amount.

For those of us a year behind and watching with interest, stats and merit amounts would be sooo helpful. Good luck to everyone!

GPA: 2.85
ACT: 27
7+ dual enrollment courses
Extracurricular Activities: Student Council member for 4 years.
I received 3,000 merit scholarship as well as financial aid…

Good luck everyone!

Did anyone hear about Honors? I got a letter saying I was accepted but I think it might be a mistake.

Date You Applied: 10/12
Date you received decision: I got it in the mail because I lost my PID, but it came in early or mid-November
Decision (Accepted/Denied/Deferred): Accepted
In State or Out of State: In state
Major: Criminology
ACT/GPA: 31 ACT, 3.65 GPA
Applied for Honors/Scholars?: No

Date You Applied: 12/01
Date you received decision: Checked 3x a week. Discovered 12/18 morning
Decision (Accepted/Denied/Deferred): Accepted
In State or Out of State: Out of state
Major: Business - Management & Strategic Leadership
ACT/GPA: 30 ACT Superscored - 29 singular, 3.93 WGPA - 3.37 UWGPA
Applied for Honors/Scholars?: No

@warrenb congratulations!

Date You Applied: 11/30/17
Date you received decision: 12/12/17
Decision (Accepted/Denied/Deferred): Accepted
In State or Out of State: In State
Major: Integrated Language Arts/English Education
ACT/GPA: 29 ACT/4.0 GPA (unweighted); 4.35 GPA (weighted)
Applied for Honors/Scholars?: No
Waiting to hear back about scholarships/financial aid

Applied October 27th
Received decision November 16th
Sport Management
Sat-1340. 3.66 UW GPA don’t know weighted
Did not apply for honors college

Also heard back for honors tutorial today.

Got email for HTC interview day

My son applied EA to the Russ School of Engineering to study Industrial Engineering. He is a National Merit Semi-Finalist (Finalist pending). He has a 3.96/4.40 GPA with 9 APs, 34 ACT and 1540 SAT. He was accepted and received Ohio Trustee Award, Ohio Success Scholarship, Russ Engineering Impact Scholarship, and Ohio Distinction Scholarship.

Accepted sometime in december
SAT: 1310/1600
GPA: 4.04(W), 3.65(UW)
Top 8% of graduating class (46/524)
Full IB Diploma Candidate
strong essay and recs
multiple ECs and leadership position

didn’t get into cutlers lol but i got 10k so far. anyone know when financial aid rolls out?

@misspat17 are you OOS?

@Kingly71 hi sorry, i just saw this. but yes, I’m from Southern California

Some questions I was wondering is -
What is your top choice school and why does is that your top choice? ( I am also a student looking into colleges)

@Kingly71 my top choice are either NYU or Penn State bc i wanted to go to a good business school before going into law school. both schools also have great alumni networks and may offer superb intern opportunities. i applied to OU bc my grandpa’s an alumni and they live in Cleveland so i could visit