Admissions Decisions

<p>Has anyone received their admission decision? If so, when did you apply and when did you get your decision? :D </p>

<p>Yes. applied nov1. Received few days ago with merit scholarship 21k. </p>

<p>Applied November 16, just got my acceptance today with a 16K scholarship. But I got in! :smiley: </p>

<p>@SomethingWithin congratulations! just wondering, did you attend any open houses or had an interview with a counselor?</p>

<p>@dmvncv‌ Nope! I’m an out of state student, so I was super surprised when I got the giant envelope! I only requested information and they kept sending me things, so I applied. They wrote on the bottom of my acceptance letter that they loved my essay, so that had to have had a huge influence on their decision. But no, I never had an interview or anything. Earlier this week they had sent me a sheet that asked me to confirm my major or something, but I never sent it back. I accepted that I wasn’t going to get in, but I was expecting a decision from another school today so I was ecstatic when I saw the mail woman putting a giant letter inside. </p>

<p>DD received her acceptance on Dec 1st. She also received a merit scholarship. She did attend an open house but did not have an interview with a counselor. </p>

I was accepted back in mid December receiving merit. I was shocked I received a decision about two weeks after I applied with a nice note regarding my essay. I attended an open house as well as an interview off-campus. Congratulations to all!

I was accepted early action earlier this month and received a merit scholarship.

accepted with 17.5k a year merit and applied for the writing scholarship.

am going to sophie kerr day and will meet with faculty in other departments and students as well.

did not visit or interview beforehand.

applied the 27th of Jan. got the package first, online status was updated like a week later on Feb 20th.

waiting for financial aid info. of course, my financial aid sitch changed three times during the application process which made everything that much more difficult.

Is anyone else accepted in to the Fellows program? Interviewing April 11th for full tuition?

I think my decision is going to come down between Washington College with great fin. aid and a school with a better language program.