Admissions decisions

<p>Anyone know which schools have begun to notify students of acceptance, and whether the date at which letters are sent signify whether one is accpeted or not? I know certain schools have sent letters before the date, and wonder if only accepted students recieve letters before April 1st. Anyway, does anyone know when the letters start coming for these schools:
Swarthmore, Penn, Harvard, Bard, Wash. and Lee, William and Mary.

<p>one of my friend said one of his friend got in bard
we are international applicants, and bard gives that kid his air tickets</p>

<p>Penn and Harvard are online March 31st</p>

<p>My delaware acceptance came.
Awaiting Bucknell here in CT, though RDers in California and Texas already heard???</p>

<p>i know my friend already got into swarthmore...</p>

<p>go to this thread:</p>

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<p>IS that true that most schools sent acceptance letter first then they will sent the rest of rejection letter after (around late March I think)</p>

<p>Princeton online: March 31st</p>

<p>ashlee- I hope that's not true.</p>