Admissions Essay-Get Creative (Mine was about sex lol)

<p>Hey prospectives,
I am a recent Harvard grad here to offer you some advice about applying for a spot at the glorious Crimson. The admissions packet is all about putting your best foot forward, of course, showing off your talents, skills, accomplishments. Trouble is, most likely everyone you are competing with will have similar numbers adorning their type-A portfolios (ie, GPA, scores, etc). So what's an eager wannabe Harvardian to do? My personal advice is to create a shock factor. The platform for such a jolt can be accomplished in the admissions essay. I had such a crazy letter, all but one of the 10 teachers, coaches, counselors I showed it to prior to sealing it in that daunting envelope (back in the day, aka 5 years ago, we still hand-wrote our applications lol) basically reacted- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING, DO YOU ACTUALLY INTEND TO SEND THIS TO THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITY ON THE PLANET HOPING TO GET A SPOT IN THAT 2% MARGIN?? I simply smirked, said thank you for the 2 cents, and skipped along on my merry way. Now I stand here before you a Harvard alumnus with a job that pays..well..let's just say that one year out I'm living on the Upper East side sans roommates ;)</p>

<p>So what was this magical letter about that got me an in at the big H? It was about sex. Sex in the library. Sex in the back seat of a car. Sex with my brother's best friend. Sex in the bathroom of a bar. Sex with Picobong (my favorite brand of sex toy--seriously people, these things will do wonders for your sex life and relationships). It was a certifiable deluge of sexual encounters (some fiction, some true--but that is the beauty of writing--the reader is none the wiser). Of course it had an ultimate message delving deep into the sexuality of our modern humanity and the effect of technology on contact and relationships..BUT it was a truly no holds barred read that would have horrified my mother had she found it in a diary hidden under my pillow. </p>

<p>So, speaking as a Harvard graduate, in summation, I say--don't be afraid to take a risk. You have nothing to lose. It is Harvard, after all.</p>

i'm planning to apply 4 the HBS 2+2 program n i need some1 desperately to review my essays!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Every year dubious posts like these show up, and I don't know what compels people to impersonate Harvard students/grads and give poor advice.</p>