Admissions Fall 2022

Has anyone gotten an acceptance to University of Houston for Fall 2022?

Yes, my dd received her acceptance packet in the mail yesterday.

Thank you. How long ago did she apply? We’ve been waiting for over a month & just needed some insight prior to reaching out to the school.

She applied through Apply Texas on August 6, and they finally processed her application on Sept 9. She got her admissions decision on Oct 11.

Thank you for this information!

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I have been waiting for a response as well, the application showed complete Sept 24th, no communications since :frowning:

For the min test score, do they use weighted or unweighted gpa?
And does anyone know how UH converts gpa from 100 point scale to 4.0 scale?

Minimum Test Scores

Class Rank SAT Score ACT Score Without a Test Score
Top 25% 1170 24 3.70
26 - 50% or No Rank 1220 25 3.80
51% and Lower Individual Review Individual

Accepted this morning

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Ever hear back?

Yes, got my acceptance day before
yesterday :+1:

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Hi there! yes, I got accepted to UH on Nov 1. Recently, I was also admitted to their Honors college. UH and Texas State University are my top priorities right now


What major? In state?

no i’m out-of-state. i plan on majoring in computer science!

Naumi, just curious, why U of H if you are OOS?

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texas public univs have this policy of converting OOS tuition rates to In state, if the student gets a $1000 competitive scholarship. so I applied to 4 public Texas unis and UH offered great scholarships


I have heard nothing on scholarships yet, glad to see they have started sharing the info.

The Honors Program is fantastic! Own dorms, priority registration, small classes and great lounge/classroom space in the library.