Admissions Help

<p>Hi guys!
I'm from weston CT a senior.
I have a 2.76 gpa out of a 4.0
I have learning issues that I struggled greatly with my freshmen year of high school.
I did well my sophomore year but not great.
My junior year I had a 3.4 gpa
and senior year first semester I have a 3.7
Although my accumulative is only a 2.76.
My ACT was a 18 which isn't great.
As for my extra curriculum I've done cheerleading all four years of high school
and tons of community service around my community but also I belong to an organization where we travel to foreign countries and either build a home or anything the locals are in need of.
My essay is really strong. </p>

<p>Basically I don't know where else to apply. I've applied to about 10 schools and been accepted to two of them so far. But denied by two as well and the rest I haven't heard from. </p>

<p>So that would be great if you anyone could give me any good schools to apply to?
thanks! :)</p>

<p>What are you interested in studying? What financial restrictions? Do you want to be in a certain part of the country?</p>

<p>There are non-selective schools with rolling admission where if you apply you will be admitted. But if you wouldn't attend because of location, cost, or they don't have your desired major, then it would not make sense to apply.</p>

<p>Sorry your right I forgot to put my interests!
I want to major in communications, I'm looking for a big school in the US and thats about it thats important.
the finance isn't a problem.
I know I have a low scores and a gpa thats why I'm curious of where I'll get in because a lot of the schools I thought I would get in no doubt I was actually rejected from....</p>