Admissions in the Summer

Hi guys,

I am new to CC, so I hope this thread doesn’t come out as offensive or useless to the forum.

Since there are people would not get the results they wanted in M10, a lot of people would choose to either apply for a new school or stay on the waitlist.

But now most schools are off to summer break, so whats going to happen to people like us? Will the admissions officers stay in office? Would the prospective students still have a chance to connect with coaches and stdudents? What excatly will happen during the summer?

Thanks guys

Start building up your application. I believe gateway reopens July 1st. Work on essays, extracurriculars, and more. Exactly when school is back in session you can begin emailing coaches, attending webinars, talking to students, and more. Not really sure if they’re doing that stuff over the summer.

Admissions officers and coaches etc are reachable over the summer. Either they are in the office or are checking email. They are also likely to be on vacation at some points over the summer, so communication may take a little longer.

You may very well continue to keep in touch. If you are on a waitlist, stay on it and wait. While you wait, work on other parts of your application as stated above. Your essays if you can find the prompts, the ssat etc. If a waitlist shakes out, great! If not, you will have that head start. Good luck!