Admissions interview

How important is the optional interview at Tufts?

I can’t speak to Tufts because I didn’t apply, but there’s only one advice when it comes to interviews: if you’re offered one or have the opportunity to do one, do it. It helps provide another dimension to your application, and is a form of demonstrated interest if the school considers it (or even if it doesn’t, you should want to convey your enthusiasm and research into your “fit” with the school.) Just make sure to come prepared with a few questions about the school (not ones that you can find on Google, but ones about the interviewer’s experience at Tufts etc,) and while you don’t have to dress-up, do make sure to come in clothes appropriate for school.

While interviewing last-year, I found it helpful to re-read my Common Application before going to the interview. While you don’t want to be blatantly super-prepared for the questions (nor will interviewers expect this,) it is helpful to remember some key points about the school that you referenced in your application, and your extracurricular activities etc. WHEN your interviewer likely asks you “why the major you selected?”

I found this list of tips from Smith College posted in another thread, and the advice is super helpful:

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

Thanks for a very thoughtful, helpful reply!

Current rising Tufts Freshman here. I had an interview last year. It went really well. I would definitely sign up for one. It show’s interest and Tufts really cares about interest. Also, It will give you a good feel for the school and put a more personal touch on your application.

Afterward …Remember to send a thank you email.

Ps. I had a lot in common with my interviewer and we keep in touch. He also gave me great advice on choosing some classes recently.

Never turn down any chance of any contact from a school who tracks interest.