Admissions numbers for 2016

Received this in an admissions email today…
“We experienced another busy year in admissions as the number of applications
increased once again, following the trend we’ve seen over the past several
years. Prospective students submitted nearly 55,000 applications for the
2016-17 academic year, representing a 7 percent increase over last year. As
application numbers rise each year, the quality of the applicant pool also
continues to grow. The good news is that the university increased its student
capacity to accommodate a larger freshman class of 6,600 students this fall
compared to last year’s 6,000.”

Not sure if anyone posted this yet, but I know folks were asking about this year’s numbers.

So does that mean next years applicants (HS class of 2017) will have a higher acceptance rate than this year’s ~26% ??

no It will be about the same assuming same (45ish%) yield

and the 26% was from 2015…the new numbers are for 2016
For 2017 it will prob drop a bit lower because they wont increase class size

So did they release the percentage yet?

eyo, the official figures will not be released until January. I am more curious about the endowment report which will be released by NACUBO in the coming months.

Unfortunately, this will be a flat to down year for the endowment…most likely optimal case will be plus 2 points. 2 of the last 3 years have been pretty mediocre.

I would think the Victors for Michigan campaign will be the most significant factor. $3.28B has been raised through 3/31/16 but I don’t know how much of that in 2015.

Probably approximately $300M will have been disbursed and if that much was earned on the balance they would have done well in '16.

It appears the acceptance rate will increase for this year (entering Fall 2016). Applications are stated to be up 7% compared to an increase in capacity of 10%.

I think the disbursements you mention are in line with my understanding. Capital campaigns typically look to add 25% to 30% the operational amounts typically raised with the hope that that amount will get endowed. The campaign is on target and voluntary support is over $400MM for second year. So, the real shortfall is in the third leg of the puzzle: actual endowment returns.

That is disappointing to hear. They have done a lot of good work managing the student body, but the increases in size year after year are a mistake. They should get the undergraduate enrollment down to a level more like 4,500 per class.

I agree blue85. Michigan should look for ways to limit Freshmen classes to 5,000 students, and the overall undergraduate student body to 22,000.

Hey you Michigan folks, I can’t conjure up much sympathy. You’d understand if your state university was similar to the SUNY system! The smallest of the of the SUNY centers is hoping for 20,000 students by 2020-it is busting at the seams now and lacks the resources to meet student needs. Its administration seems to care less that students can’t find seats in the library, can’t access advising or career counseling or classes they want to register for. Many of the best NY students dream of Michigan! You guys would be charged about 20K to attend the strongest of the SUNYs but NY students are charged 40K to attend yours. Hey, you’ve got a great university system. We could fill buses with the students from NY who attend.

I still think it’s possible that the acceptance rate goes down @merc81 @microssrunner17. The yield could be higher, like 50% or so, so the university could admit a similar number of students as last year to fill a larger class; there’s a larger applicant pool, so the acceptance rate would decrease. That said, though, I still think the university is making a mistake by leveling its acceptance rate out at 25/26. Since colleges in its tier are becoming more selective year by year, UofM should do the same to keep its rep

@merc81 - where do you see that the “capacity” is going up 10%?

@wayneandgarth because enrollment’s going from 6000 to 6600

Is there any way to estimate how many are going to apply in the fall?

@guitar321 - I’m asking where the 6600 is coming from? I just hadn’t expected that at all.

Woops, never mind - I see that now in the 1st posting. Wow, I still have my doubts but we will see.

lostaccount, Michigan faithful are divided into two camps when it comes to admission and enrollment numbers:

  1. Those who believe that Michigan should admit as many Michigan residents as possible. They are obviously pleased with the current trend. Michigan has grown from fewer than 5,000 freshmen when I was a student 25 years ago, to close to 7,000 freshmen in the coming years. However, they are alarmed by the increased ratio of OOS students from than 30% in the 90s to 40% today.
  2. Those who believe Michigan should enroll far fewer residents and far more OOS students. Overall, that would enable Michigan to enroll significantly fewer students overall without losing tuition revenue. Right now, roughly 4,000 incoming freshmen are residents, compared to 2,500 OOS. By increasing the OOS number to 3,500, Michigan can afford enrolling 1,500 in-state students. That would enable the University to enroll 5,000 freshmen instead of 6,500, and still raise the same funding through tuition revenues.