Admissions Question

<p>I submitted my online application on September 26th. It took the office at school forever to send my transcripts and counselor form, but they were officially mailed yesterday, November 1st. (I'm not eligible for scholarships so don't worry about the deadline.)
Anyway, today I got an e-mail from the office of admissions and they said that I had outstanding items that needed to be submitted before they could fully review my application. Once they receive these documents, will it still be 4-8 weeks before I receive my decision or since they already have my application will I get it sooner?
I want to apply for housing as soon as possible! Assuming that I am to be accepted, that is.

<p>So I just checked my OneStart and it says in my To-Do List that the status of my Transcript is "Initiated." What does this mean?</p>