Admissions question

<p>Hi, I applied early to Cornell College of engineering and Columbia Fu school. If I get rejected from Cornell, do you think it would be more likely, than before, that i'll get rejected from columbia? or you can't draw any assumption from that ?</p>

<p>I would say you can't draw any assumptions from that. A friend of mine applied ED to Yale, got rejected and was accepted to every other Ivy. Another friend was rejected from every other Ivy and got accepted by Columbia. The admissions process won't tell you anything based on who did and did not accept you, since they're all different schools with different Adcom's.</p>

<p>(Although I've heard Northwestern denies kids who get accepted to Ivy's/Stanford/MIT, so I guess if you want that, you could try and see, haha.)</p>

<p>Oh cool, thanks!</p>

<p>OP, did you apply ED to both Cornell and Columbia, or ED to Cornell and RD to Columbia?</p>

<p>ED to cornell and RD to Columbia Fu, sorry i see the mistake in my first post</p>