Admissions recinded for 4 Bs?

<p>Yeah...I'm about to get 4 Bs, out of only 6 classes. Will I get Ivy admission rescinded? Should I do anything, like send the school a letter?</p>

<p>no. The limit is probably a D. You're fine with Bs</p>

<p>Agreed...the ONLY time I have ever heard about rescissions is for a failed class or a few D's unaccompanied by any reasonable excuse like a death in the family or serious personal illness. But senior slack is an issue so be careful. You want to go out with a bang.</p>

<p>Four B's... well, as long as you aren't worried about being the #1 grad - no sweat. They'll not rescind your acceptance, and probably won't even blink. Do not get a C in the third quarter though.</p>