Admissions Revoked

<p>my D in AP studio art 3D is just about absolute. My teacher is refusing to allow me to do anything to change that, with there being no assignments for the last 5 weeks of school. If it means anything i am going to UCSC to study physics, what should i do?</p>

<p>I read in UCSC admissions that last year that anyone who got a D in a course in their senior year was revoked. At this point, you need to get in contact with UCSC and tell them of your situation. If you just send them your transcript without reporting anything to the school you will be revoked automatically. BEG THEM, cry if you have to. I highly suggest you have back-up plan just in case you get your admissions revoked. UCSC is very strict when it comes to senior year grades, most UCs are as well.</p>