Admissions schedule?

<p>My S submitted his application in September but didn't submit scholarship application until 10/31. Several of his friends have gotten their admission decision, but my S still waiting. Wondering if the scholarship application put him in a different pool that is taking longer? Do the admission decision and the scholarship decision come together?</p>

<p>D received admissions notification last week with no mention of scholarship. Last year, S was admitted late November. Then he received Volunteer Scholarship notification late December. It is my understanding that Chancellor Scholarship notifications went out in late January.</p>

<p>While all of us were receiving our letters at the beginning of last week, a friend got a "deferred" status on his vip account. Then, he received his decision letter yesterday. He had his in way before mine, so apparently they are doing it randomly. Another friend still hasn't gotten his. But check the vip account; mine showed my decision a good week and a half before I got the letter in the mail. No scholarship decision, though. Even those who still haven't gotten a decision are receiving information on scholarships. They seem to be a totally different thing.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info</p>

<p>Where would it say your application decision on the website??</p>

<p>For my D, on VIP, it is located in the first section after login. The phrase "Your decision is available to view." "View" is a hyperlink to the decision.</p>