Admissions Statistics

<p>Anyone have admissions statistics for the class of 2012? I'm well aware of the fact that there were 21K applicants and 1650 spots, but an 8% acceptance rate is absolutely unrealistic. Thanks.</p>

<p>You can't simply do 1650/21,000.</p>

<p>The University will grant acceptance to more individuals than available spots, knowing not everyone will attend Fall 2008.</p>

<p>I think The Chronicle will report the data in the next few days</p>

<p>i'm going to take a stab and guess.....3500 admits?</p>

<p>that seems reasonable, but a little high :X</p>

<p>The applied/accepted/enrolled counts for the past few years are:
c/o 2009: (18089 / 3996 / 1728)
c/o 2010: (19386 / 4101 / 1687)
c/0 2011: (19207 / 4053 / 1713)</p>

<p>I agree with Majayiduke09 that the Chronicle will have a report from Dean Guttentag soon for this year, but I'd guess around 4000 to get us just below 20%.</p>

<p>Yeah my thinking is that the acceptance rate will be 19% this year, but we will see</p>

<p>Someone made some pretty reasonable sounding estimates on another thread..let me try and find it</p>


<p>From jjsdad:
*"As for admit rate, Madboy121's estimate (~4,000) is a good estimate.</p>

<p>More precisely, Duke had 20,300 applicants this year including both ED and RD. There were 1,247 ED applicants, and 472 were admitted, 419 were deferred, and 280 were denied. Therefore, ED admit rate is 37.85% (472/1247).</p>

<p>In the RD round there were 19,548 applicants (20,300 Total - 472 ED Admitted - 280 ED Denied). Assuming the same yield as last year (41% total yield, 35.7% RD yield), in order to enroll 1,178 students from RD round (1,650 total class size - 472 ED admits), they should admit ~3,300 applicants in RD to generate 35.7% RD yield. This makes the RD admit rate 16.88% (3,300/19,548)."*</p>

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<p>More than 1650 class size is admitted. </p>

<p>1712 (I think) enrolled last year. So the yield rate is slightly higher than it should have been.</p>

<p>Historically it's always been over 1650 who enroll. More like 1700 average.</p>

<p>The admit rate is probably 18-19%.</p>