Admissions Stats for Class of 2009

<p>Does anyone know what the admissions stats for this year’s applicants were (i.e. acceptance rate, SAT ranges, etc.)? I have a few friends who are juniors at my high school and wanted more information about Brandeis and its selectivity since they are interested in applying there next year. Thanks!</p>

<p>link to article in the justice re admission stats - you may have to register to read it.</p>

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<p>unbelievablem, thanks for the article...I guess registration isn't needed since I had no problem accessing the site from your link above. I'll sum up the article for everyone...</p>

<p>Applicants: 7,344 (up 26% from last year)
Acceptance Rate: 38% (estimate that doesn't account for waitlist acceptees)
% of students w/ SATs over 1300: 83% (up 4% from last year)
Students accepted from all 50 states and 39 foreign countries
Of students accepted, 20.3% define themselves as students of color (increase of 17.2% from last year)
87% of applicants ranked in top 10% of high school class</p>