Admissions Trouble

<p>I'm having some trouble deciding if University of Pittsburgh will want me. I had bad study habits when I entered high school. Each year my gpa as risen between 0.07-0.1. I took some AP courses that I didn't do to well in. My honor courses are fine but it was mainly the AP courses that brought it down. I have an ACT score of 26 and I'm going to take the SAT. My practice tests are yielding results around 600+. My gpa is 3.32 though. I have some teachers who say they could write me good recommendation letters, and I do volunteer work at a hospital. In the essay I want to write I want to explain why my gpa is what it is. Any insights? I'm the first and oldest child because my parents are immigrants so...</p>

<p>You're in range. Have a look
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<p>I would definitely not write an essay that focuses on my grades -- good, mediocre or otherwise. Such an essay would at best appear to be rationalization. Focus on an area of passion, and of positive energy in your life.</p>

<p>Would UPItt even ask for an essay? I think it's completely stats driven admissions</p>

<p>An essay will decide borderline cases, and it is mandatory for any scholarship consideration. It is very highly recommended to write an essay.</p>

<p>Write an essay that focus's on a passion? So if I wanted to apply for Nursing School. Instead of trying to explain my grades. I should rather, explain my passion for wanting to become a Nurse and why?</p>

<p>You'll never know until you apply, but I would not discuss grades in essays. You should try to show some more improvement in your grades, but that does not mean taking easy classes. Keep practicing for the SAT, and be sure to get those good teacher recs plus some good ECs. Good luck, and I think that you have a solid shot!</p>

<p>Thanks Tal. My grades are improving. Slowly though because I still try to take AP classes which are a bit hard for me still. I downed my classes down to Honors and just 1 AP now. I did apply for the Nursing School but my application is not finished yet.</p>

<p>Your essay could be about your volunteer work at the hospital, which ties in nicely with your career goals. Good luck!</p>