Hey! I was just wondering if anyone had heard back from Loyola Chicago yet? I know they say you will hear back November/December but a lot of people on here got in around this time last year. I submitted my initial application July 31st, my transctipt was in October 1st, and my recommendation was in around the 14th.

I am wondering the same thing! A lot of people last year seem to have started hearing back around this time… so I am hoping I will find out this week. My initial application was submitted on August 19th, and all of my materials were in as of September 12th. I will keep you updated if I find out! Good luck! :smiley:

My DD got her app completed around first week of Sept, I think. She was under the impression since Loyola does rolling admissions, that she would get notified within 4-6 weeks.

She emailed admissions yesterday. The lady said her app is complete but they won’t start reviewing until November.

My DD received her decision today. Accepted with a $22k/year Damen Scholarship. She applied in late August

I am also wondering! I submitted my application at the beginning of September and got my letters of rec in around 3 weeks ago. Waiting for a decision, Go Ramblers!

@Charm1n1 Congratulations! What are her stats?

ACT: 26
UW GPA: 3.87
Major: Psychology
AP classes in her JR/Senior year, NHS, and extra curriculars
4s and 5s on AP exams

@charm1n1 what is the Damen scholarship?? I’ve havent see that one.

Sure enough. The lady told my DD they wouldn’t start reviewing apps until Nov.

She got her decision on 1 Nov.