<p>1) What were the rates for this year, class of 2014?
2) What will happen since Columbia is now on the common app?
3) Admissions</a> - WikiCU, the Columbia University wiki encyclopedia
I read on that link ^^ that the School of General Studies accepts 1 in 2 applicants. How could that be correct? That's 50% acceptance? </p>


<li>Overall rate was 9.16%. College was 8.3% and SEAS was 13.36%</li>
<li>Probably decrease when lots of people decide to apply "just because they can." This trend has been seen before when schools switch to the Common App, particularly with UChicago, Brown, etc.</li>
<li>School of GS is NOT Columbia College. GS, as I understand, is more for adults who return to school to complete their university degree or take extra classes, almost like a "night school." If you're applying undergrad, you apply to either College or SEAS (for engineering, etc.)</li>

<p>Just to clarify, GS is not a night school (do a search of the plethora of other GS vs. CC threads on this forum) but to qualify you must have a gap of at least one year in your education between high school and undergraduate. If you're applying right out of high school you don't qualify.</p>

<p>^Maybe that's why tristan said ALMOST LIKE. And I'm inclined to agree.</p>

<p>I didn't mean to take issue with tristan's phrasing, I was just trying to give all the facts to the OP.</p>