Admissons timeline

I applied to UCF on March 8th for rolling admissions for Marine biology. I am wondering how much longer should be suspected for my application decison. My UCF portal said the initial review of my application was received, and once my ACT scores were submitted the final review would be completed. I have submitted my scores and my portal has said “Your application is currently being reviewed by our admissions committee” for nearly 1 1/2 weeks. How much longer should I suspect? I am extremely anxious to see if I got in or not because UCF is my dream school! Thank you for your help.

Are you applying for Fall 2021? What was your ACT score?

Also what is your GPA?

I am applying for Fall 2021, GPA was 4.36 weighted, 3.86 unweighted but I am out of state so I believe they will recalculate this. Additionally, I was only able to take the act once and received a 20. I am aware that is very low, but am hoping my grades (all a’s in both regular and AP, and only 4 b+'s all throughout)and extracurriculars (10+ clubs, president of 1, 100+ volunteer hours) would give me somewhat of a chance

On the weighted GPA, UCF only weights core courses required by the state of Florida for graduation, so that will lower your weighted GPA a little bit, but not much. They give +1 for A’s and +0.5 for B’s for either Honors or AP I believe. They also superscore the ACT, but since you were only able to take it once, that won’t help.

In previous years, UCF has been heavily biased toward test scores. I don’t know what they are doing this year because there are SO many students who only got to take one test, and many who were not able to take any.

Your extracurriculars are great, and I hope you really emphasized them in your essay. You’ve got a lot of strengths and only one weak spot.

There are several possibilities. One is a no. One is acceptance for Fall.

Another is acceptance for Summer. If you get Summer, and you want to go to UCF, accept it right away. All that means is you get an early headstart; you have to take ONE class online during Summer B after you graduate, and you are IN for Fall. If you decline Summer, you are out.

You could also get accepted for Spring 2022. If that happens, you’d just be starting one semester later, which will make zero difference in the grand scheme of things. I know that sounds horrible, but 10 years from now nobody will care.

It’s impossible for any of us to guess when you’ll hear or what the outcome will be. However, we should start to get some results from waitlist acceptances, so keep an eye on any waitlist threads.

I wish we could be of more help, but this year is just impossible to handicap. Good luck!