Admit rate by college at UCB?

Hi all, I am interested in applying to UCB under chemical engineering for the college of chemistry, however I’m unsure how competitive it is. Is there any public record of admit rates per college at UCB? Otherwise, I’d just apply undeclared. Thanks.

This link should answer your question:

Click on Now its your turn to explore the data Tab.

Thank you, do you know more about how competitive CoC chemE is? Is it worth taking the chance over applying undeclared or chemistry at L&S?

I do not have specific data for GPA/test scores for admitted students for COC vs. L&S, however the admit rates for COC was around 9% in 2019-2020 while L&S was 18%. L&S would be an easier admit overall and L&S does not admit by major.

It is really up to you and where you stand in comparison to the average admitted stats for UCB.

The tab on the link I posted does have a tab for academic indicators and does breakout some GPA and test score data (from 2016 unfortunately) which can use for comparison.

Changing into the College of Chemistry and the chemical engineering major is described here: . Note that meeting the minimum course and GPA requirements does not guarantee admission into the major.

Better to apply to enter as a chemical engineering major if that is what you really want to study. On the other hand, you can study chemistry in either CoC or L&S, although job and pay prospects after graduation are worse than for chemical engineering: .