Admit to Alternate Program?

<p>Ok around Nov 07 I applied to Kent State as a possible college of choice, but basically my grades sucked all throughout high school so they ended up throwing me on a wait list, and requested to see my semester grades. I sent in my semester grades, and again waited for a response from the Admission department. Yesterday my online status on the website changed from Waitlist to Admit to Alternate Program, and I have no idea what this means, I may be an idiot, but the website did not really go into depth about this Alternate Program. So what exactly does this mean? Do they want to me to attend a different college or do they just want me to switch my major to undecided? I chose a major in education in Kent's College of Education which according to there website has an average g.p.a. requirment of a 2.75, I'm at a like a 2.4-2.5 right now, so I'm hopin that just means I need to change my major for now, but I kinda want to see what other people think.</p>

<p>Call them, mail them... Contact the admissions office.</p>