Admit vs Enroll Rate

Does anyone know if there is published information anywhere about the enrollment rate for admitted students? What percent of admitted students are actually enrolling? I am wondering if the enrollment rate trend is higher this year because of COVID.

I’m curious if JSOM will have a waitlist? I haven’t seen any posts about students getting waitlisted for this program.

That statistics is referred to as Yield. The Common Data Set has numbers for applicants, acceptances, and enrollments in question C1, which is available for a vast, vast majority of US colleges.

You can calculate the yield by dividing the “Total full-time, first-time, first-year (freshman) * who enrolled” total by the “Total first-time, first-year (freshman) * who were admitted” total.

IU-Bloomington in 2018 had a 23.7% yield (after a 76.9% acceptance rate). (That’s the latest available - they’re at least a year behind most schools)

Thanks! I was actually wondering if there was information by school (within IU) — looking specifically for JSOM. I’m not sure it they break it down any further than university wide at IU (or any other school)

I’ve never seen that statistic for any school. If it exists it would be on their website.

Some schools have it buried in their details. CMU, for example, has by-school admission rates and then enrolled class sizes elsewhere . But you need to do some detective work, and math, and I haven’t seen that amount of detail at many schools

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