Admits for fall '09

<p>My son was accepted to Austin College with a nice scholarship (he wasn’t expecting).
He applied based on the CTCL and his teacher’s recommendation.
What do others think about the college? or college visits?
We are from the west coast.</p>

<p>It is a wonderfull liberal arts college and the faculty and staff there seemed to genuinely care about the students. We were there last weekend for scholarship interviews and during the wait between the two interviews, we had time to chat with some of the students and faculty and found it to be a place that takes pride in its student body. </p>

<p>I believe the total student count is about 1500 students. i loved the experience there this weekend.</p>

<p>Thanks for your impression of Austin. I'm curious if you are also looking at Southwestern.
That's the other Texas LAC where my S applied. We won't know about acceptance until April, so were deferring a visit to Austin until he knows about Southwestern.<br>
If anyone is comparing the two, we would be interested.</p>

<p>is austin college a good school?</p>

<p>I applied and have put my deposit down at Southwestern, but am waiting to hear about the scholarship that I may/mayn't get there. If I don't, I will be going full ride at Austin College. I have yet to visit AC, but I FELL in love with Southwestern. I absolutely love it. Their stats are comparable. (SAT and all that jazz.) They are also both up and coming university, and I think they both are getting their name out there. </p>

<p>Both are wonderful schools academically, and intimate. Southwestern is in the quaint town of Georgetown--twenty minutes from Austin. I found that really amazing because I can have my studies 20 minutes away from a lot of my friends at UT/social life.</p>

<p>My son visited both and loved both. We had extensive conversations with admission staff at both places, and both of the people to whom we spoke were impressive. I know kids who have gone to each and were very happy. </p>

<p>The woman at AC knew one of the kids we know, and I mean she KNEW him -- knew what he studied, knew where he was spending the semester abroad, etc. Made ds feel very much like he wouldn't be just a number there. The man with whom we spoke at SW'ern seemed so learned, like an East Coast academic. Just felt more collegiate. But he was very charismatic and seemed to really care about the kids. I was struck with the way he told the kids that class sizes are small so you can't be someone who can sit in the back of the class, that you need to be ready to be called on at all times. I thought that would scare off ds, but he liked the idea of being so engaged.</p>

<p>Personally, I was more impressed with SW'ern, just because AC seemed so small. And Sherman was not impressive as a college town.</p>

<p>Thanks for sharing your impression of both schools.
Unfortunately the admitted student days are the same day!
We are planning to visit Southwestern, and not sure about Austin College.
The town is a factor.</p>