Admits without research/Olympiads?

Hi, I’m wondering if there’s anyone here who’s been admitted to Caltech without having done research of any kind, or Olympiads past the regional level. I’m a bit concerned whether this will detract from my application; I have been participating in citizen science programs and have done some tinkering and data science projects on my own.
I know MIT has a Maker Portfolio that can be submitted; how can I share my independent projects with Caltech? I’m primarily curious to know how the admissions officers will evaluate projects that have been undertaken without a mentor, and if there are any current Caltech students with a similar profile.
Thank you!

Yes, it happens, but it would help if you had some other special skill.

@vhsdad, good to know! What would be an example of another special skill?

You’ll have the opportunity to submit extra materials via the application portal which you will get some time after you send in your common app. Plenty of kids here do not have Olympiads but everyone here is a top student and excels in their extracurriculars whatever they might be (including olympiads and such).