Admitted after deffered

<p>Good news!! I got in today after being deferred, they originally said the decision would be in march so this is good news for anybody else who was also deferred.</p>



<p>Level: FRESHMAN.
Residency: NON-OHIO RESIDENT. See Residency Guidelines
Received Date: DECEMBER 10, 2007.
Status: After an initial evaluation, your application has been referred for a second review. A final decision will be made by the end of March. You will receive further information by mail.</p>

<p>I have been deferred, too. I wish I get in!</p>

<p>NJDEVILS--- same with me, got in today!! so exciting. all i did was send in a letter after my deferral...</p>

<p>Same here, got a congratulations e-mail today after being deferred. There is hope for those of you who've gotten defered.</p>

<p>how long were u guys deferred for?</p>

<p>Just Curious? What did you guy's get in with?</p>

<p>I waited about a month after being deferred. I got in with a 3.4 GPA and a 24 ACT.</p>

<p>do you guys think i have a shot? i got deferred too.</p>

<p>Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Caucasian
Residency: Washington State
*No financial aid needed</p>

<p>*Go to a very competitive public school in Washington- ranked 50th best public school in the nation.</p>

<p>*GPA- 3.52 (UW) 3.75 (W) *Excellent upward grade trend.
*SAT- 1600 out of 2400 (i know i know :[)
*Class Rank- Top 40%</p>

<p>*Senior Schedule:
AP Senior English
Honors Health (ASPEN)
AP Psychology
AP Statistics
AP Environmental Science
AP American Gov.</p>

<p>*Essays- very good.</p>

-4 year varsity tennis letter winner- 9-12th grade
-Captain of my club tennis team
-Gold Medal at the Jewish Olympics
-Play in competitive tournaments locally
-Senior Class Historian- 12
-Class Senator- 9-12
-President and Founder of Sports Debate Club- 10-12
-Member of Key Club- 11-12
-Member of A.S.P.E.N.-12 (Had to try-out)
- Head Tennis Pro during the summer at a Private Club.
-Community service award for completing a certain amount of volunteer hours
Volunteer work at a local tennis club, through Key Club, camp counselor, district wide volunteering events, and various other events. (200+ hours)</p>

<p>bump 10 char</p>

<p>For those who received an answer after a second review, did you receive the answer by mail or on the application status page. It says you will receive further info by mail. Just want to see if I should keep checking the application status page, or if the answer will come by mail.</p>


<p>What was your CR/MATH on SAT?</p>

<p>After deing deffered, I recieved a letter basically saying that although I did not get in for Autumn quarter, I was in a selected group that could sign up for the waiting list. It also said I had a few options to choose from. The options apparently said that I could go to main campus as long as I start in either the summer quarter or the winter quarter of 2009. Did anybody else recieve a letter like this? It was a bit confusing but after callling the Office of Admissions, I was informed that this is a new option for this year and that I am accepted as long as I start on the summer or winter quarters.</p>

<p>On the sheet I filled out, I chose to go on the waiting list, and if I wasn't accepted for the fall quarter I would begin in the winter. </p>

<p>Just wondering what others think about this...</p>

<p>My D received the same letter. We thought it was going to be good news since it was a fat envelope. Still, it was better than a flat out rejection.</p>

<p>I don't understand how they don't have room for her to start in the fall, but will have room for her in the fall as long as she takes five hours this summer?</p>

<p>my math = 550
my reading = 500</p>

<p>my father lived in ohio for 25 years and for some reason they wanted me to list that so hopefully that means something, even though i dont live there now nor does he.</p>

<p>this letter sounds interesting, how long after you were deffered did you receive this letter?</p>

<p>D applied in September, was deferred in December, and received the letter this week. </p>

<p>I just figured out something kind of interesting. D's ACT score is high enough to qualify for the National Buckeye Award, a scholarship to OOS residents. However, the scholarship information says that it is only available to students that start in the fall quarter. It looks like by saying she can only start in summer or winter, OSU just saved some $.</p>

<p>AdvMom, not sure OSU is saving $ as much as they have a specific number of scholarships awarded each quarter. Maybe the quota for fall has been met?</p>

<p>Houstonmom, I understand what you are saying. They probably budgeted for x scholarships, and anyone beyond that has to start a different quarter so they don't blow their budget. But for us it means an OSU education would cost $29K more than we expected since she won't get this scholarship.</p>