admitted asian applicant stats

<p>im doing this for my asian (korean) friend. we all know her last name will mean that she will be looked at differently by the admission officers, but she really wants to go to cal one day (she's a sophomore). so, if you're an admitted asian freshman or know somebody else who is, could you please post the stats so she can get an idea of what she needs to get? any other clues about asian admissions at cal are welcome. thanks.</p>

<p>Here come all the Asians piling in.. :P</p>

<p>Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Chinese
GPA: 3.84 UW (I forgot what my UC GPA was)
Scores: SAT I - 680M/650V; SAT II - 650 Writing, 710 Math IIC, 600 Spanish, 630 Physics (I sucked); ACT - 32 Composite
Classes: Not too competitive. Including senior year, I have 6 AP classes.
ECs: 4 years Key Club, 3.5 years CSF, 2 years NHS, (no cabinet position in any, but chaired multiple projects for each club), 4 years orchestra (principal chair 2nd violin freshman/sophomore years), 3 years Chinese Culture Club (president senior year), 1 year swim team (JV), co-founded first political club on campus, volunteered for California Waterfowl Association for 2 years
"Hooks": Interned at California Department of Education fall semester senior year, interned at a local middle school spring semester senior year, and emphasized my career goal in education in my personal statement.</p>

<p>umm actually the UC system doesn't consider race. proposition 209 ended affirmative action in California public universities.</p>

<p>we all know that they do. its called "comprehensive review."</p>

<p>they don't... if they did the student ethnic makeup would be much closer to what ivy league schools have. they consider family income, but not race</p>

<p>in theory you are right, but in reality, they DO discrimiate against asians by expecting a higher standard from then than anybody else, even whites</p>

<p>Actually, since the abolition of Affrimative Action, Asian admittance has increased drastically, while Caucasian has increased slightly/stayed fairly level, if not decreased slightly -- while Latino and Black admittances have dropped alarmingly. </p>

<p>The UCs, especially Berkeley, look at money to some degree (Berkeley is legendary for letting in poverty/extreme hardship cases, and people do lie. When I was applying in 2001, my UC essay was about a trip I took to Japan and how it led to internal and spiritual awakening and the admission officer that came to my school was like: No, we don't wanna hear that! We wanna hear about suffering and overcoming hardship! if achieving some form of assimilation, inner peace and understanding in an alien culture is not enough of a hardship.) -- but it is pretty much a strictly numbers game now. Asians (about 45+%) and then Whites (35+%) have the numbers that get in. That leaves the last 20% for everyone else, and it is broken down about 12% Latino and some ridiculously low percentage of blacks. (About 2-5%) with the rest either not saying or as "other". Please note, these numbers are a bit outdated possibly. </p>

<p>Now, I'm no "bleeding-heart" liberal, but as far as I see -- State Schools, should be equal opp for everyone to go there because we all (or our parents) pay taxes to help keep these places up and running -- so shouldn't everyone get a fair shake to prove themselves? Not to say that we should let every Tom, Dick and Harry in off the street, people gotta earn it. I simply think that perhaps since it is a state school, it should closer reflect the actual state populations a bit more closely than the current situation. Just a thought.</p>

<p>In fact, it comes from a family friend who was/is on the UC Board of Admissions for UCLA who said that they could stack every slot of every freshman and junior-transfer class with highly-qualified asians if they wanted to, but the people (especially old Alumni who give mucho $$$, and many are already starting to over the constantly rising numbers of Asians, but these are OLD alums from the pre-Affirmative Action days even) would **** and moan, so there is a curbing that does go on. In that sense, Affirmative Action lives on in one form or another, if not to let the schools be totally overtaken by a single ethnicity and curb some of the loss we have by not having more of the "underrepresented" ethnicities.</p>

<p>Caveat: I have nothing against Asians, I enjoy their rich cultures and heritages (I learned Japanese and lived there for several months!), but even I have concerns over the potential for declining diversity, especially if certain groups are dangerously underrepresented in comparison to the rest of the population. I'm not trying to discourage anyone of any race from applying. I'm merely stating facts and observations.</p>

<p>I certainly hope they don't look to race as a factor, but my essay kind of revealed my ethnicity...</p>

<p>I'm Chinese
SAT1 740M/590V
SAT2 760Physics/800Chinese/570Writing/780Math IIC
GPA: 3.83/4.18 (Rank : 126/800)
AP's: Chem, Calc BC, Physics B all 5
Some EC's here and there.</p>

<p>However, my sister did have cancer, that's why we moved from Taiwan to San Diego. I wrote about that in my essay.</p>

<p>Status: Freshmen
Ethnicity: Chinese
Gender: Male
Rank: 1/690+
UC GPA: 4.0 (UW) and Maxed out on all extra points for AP/Honors/College
SAT I: 1270 (670 V, 600 M) <---Old SAT
SAT II: 720 US Hist, 700 Writing, 690 Math IC
AP: AP Bio (4), AP Eng Lang (5), AP U.S. Govn't (5)</p>

French Club (4 years, 2 as Treasurer, 1 as President)
NHS (2 years, 1 as Chairman)
Mock Trial (2 years, 2 as Co-Captain)</p>

<p>Intern to Assemblymember John Longville
Tutur at Library</p>

<p>Attended UCLA
Attended Chaffey College
Attended CSU San Bernardino</p>

<p>Participated in APYLP (which has the support of the California State Legislature, the Governor, and UC/CSU)</p>

<p>And some other stuff...</p>

<p>average SAT score for admitted Korean Americans at Berkeley is around a 1430-1450 best one sitting, and 1460-1480 best verbal + best math SAT score. </p>

<p>If u are from a high school with a lot of Asians in Orange County, LA County, SF County, Palo Alto, etc...the average will be higher as well.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a>
This is a famous case.
Vietnamese(ESL,1 year in America when I applied)
SAT1(old one):800M,610V
APs: PhysicsB,Cs all 5. Just Took Chem,Bio,CalBC,Gov
Little EC,just pure Aca stuffs & nice essays.</p>

<p>Hahahah, I just noticed on my post that I put "tutur"; oh lord; a 5 on the Eng Lang Exam and I can't even spell!</p>

<p>BTW, I recommend applying broadly when it comes to the UC's; don't ride your hope all on one school.</p>

780, 790, 800 SAT II's

<p>Accepted to College of Engineering for Fall 2005</p>

<p>~4.2 UC GPA

average SAT score for admitted Korean Americans at Berkeley is around a 1430-1450 best one sitting, and 1460-1480 best verbal + best math SAT score.


<p>Where did you get this from? Is it published in the Common Data Set? If so, then show me the link.</p>

SAT I: Math - 690, Verbal 640
SAT IIs: US Hist - 660, Math 1C - 660, Writing - 600</p>

<p>UC GPA: Weighted - 3.9</p>

<p>Outside Numbers Profile: very invovled in school and community service (and not like those kids who are club officers for all the wrong reasons), worked aroudn 12 hrs/week, attends an underprivileged high school, single parent home--low income, good personal statement</p>

<p>I feel that comprehenisve review does help more non-asian minorities than asians, but if asians qualify for those points, those points will benefit them too-- I'm sure that w/o comp review, I wouldnt have got in. And i think its a good thing that the UCs are taking accomplishments or lack of them in context of how each student grew up and etc... instead of simply assuming that low income = hard to succeed--- theres a lot more to context than just being poor.</p>

<p>Freshman Male (L&S)
SAT 1: 720M/730V
SAT 2: 780W/750M1C/730PHYS
3.9 UW, 4.14 UC
APs: 5s Euro, Stat, Physics B; 7 APs by end sr. yr.
Lots of music ecs with leadership positions (orchestra, band, jazz), mock trial, 100+ hrs community service through NHS, CSF, other organizations
Summer internship at a environmental consulting firm</p>

<p>SAT - 1100
GPA - 3.4
SATII - 510 writing, 520 Math, 540 lit
Ap's - 3 Euro, 1 Chem, 1 US His, 2 Lit</p>

<p>sat 1510
gpa 3.62 for one year. first in class for 5 yrs in high school prior to that. didnt have gpa system for those 5years tho.
sat2 800writ,640math2, 620 world hist</p>


<p>where are you from, lefay8 ?</p>