Admitted Class of '14

<p>Okay, so I would feel like an absolute doucche (misspelled to avoid it being ******) for starting this before peopleet their letters, but I imagine you guys are all at school and I would hope you'd check your mail before coming to this site and would know by now whether or not you are in. I really don't mean to be a dick, this just is pertinent starting today.</p>


<p>For those who got in, CONGRATS!, and also I was thinking about going with a childhood friend of mine who also got in to check out which dorms are where and maybe ask some students if they'd suggest them, some other questions, that whole thing. Not sure I could get inside the dorms, but I could certainly try.</p>

<p>So, my question for you guys is: is there anything you'd like me to try to find out? I was planning on writing down some stuff and putting it up here (just some thoughts on what I saw).</p>

<p>Also, if you're going to post in here I think a good thing to do is sorta introduce yourself so how about something like this:</p>

<p>Current year in school: HS Senior
Where ya from: NYC
NYU School: CAS
Major (if undecided give some suspects): Undecided (philosophy/cinema studies)</p>

<p>Chances are I go in the middle of the week (I hope we go this week but I make no promises), so please get back to me with anything you want me to look for.</p>

<p>Anything and everything you can find out about the dorms, please lemme know! We get first dibs in housing, right? We've gotta pick the best ones, haha. </p>

<p>Current year in school: HS Senior
NYU School: CAS
Major (if undecided give some suspects): math (Courant ftw!)</p>

<p>just a girl - missamericanpie said founders or hayden (:</p>

<p>current year: hs senior. '10, hollaaa!
Where ya from: Stlouis, Missouri. CAN'T WAIT TO GET OUT OF THE MIDWEST
NYU school: CAS
Major: biology, with a minor in psychology, while doing the pre-law track. lol, i got plansss.</p>

<p>i know i'm weird and i shouldn't count, but this forum is like reality tv for me. I CAN'T STOP! lmao.</p>

<p>like i said in the other thread, i have a gigantic thread of questions that last year's RD acceptees had, i'll bump that later. </p>

<p>ED students get first housing pick, so usually Hayden is ALL ED, as well as Goddard and Founder's.</p>

<p>PM me woosah, depending on when you're here in the city, i might still be around. i wouldn't mind showing you around. (maybe all i'll charge you for is a cup of coffee as my fee :-P ) i'm done with finals as of tomorrow, technically. i'm just hanging around to do Christmas shopping and give moral support to my best friend who has a 45 page paper due on Friday.</p>

<p>but seriously, congrats everyone.</p>

<p>oh and uh. . .</p>

<li>New Yorker, born and raised</li>
<li>MCC with a minor in SCA</li>

<p>Yeah!!! Got into Tisch :D ups send it - first class :) !!! heheh gl ^~^ see u guys there at Ny</p>

<p>Got into Tisch film!! See you guys next year!!</p>


<p>thank you so much for all the help and i have so many questions for you! just got in steinhardt for communication culture and media, so i would really love to know more about what classes/professors/opportunities i should know/be aware of...or maybe ill start another thread/or PM you for that. what do you think?</p>

<p>but for housing, the nicer dorms are more expensive right? is founders more expensive than hayden? and does it have AC?</p>


<p>for those who got into Tisch, would you mind sharing your academic stats?</p>

<p>hmm.. i know this sounds ridiculous but because i got in im thinking about the most miniscule stuff..such as dorms with individual closets! does anyone know if hayden has closets for each person in a room? sorry for such a stupid question!</p>

<p>PM me for course recommendations. </p>

<p>yeah, all the dorms cost differently. founder's is air conditioned.</p>

<p>oh! and i almost forgot :)
I am currently a hs senior who lives in Bellevue, Washington (right next to seattle) and i applied to cas but got lsp'ed. I would like to major in IR!</p>

<p>HS Senior
School: Tisch
Major: Film</p>

<p>Current year in school: HS Senior
Where ya from: Texas. Yee-haw.
NYU School: CAS
Major: Psychology -- Pre-Med track</p>

<p>Hey! :D Could you find out what the people are like? Serious question, do they all wear skinny jeans and look super artsy and what-not? I'm kind of worried about fitting in. I'm a gym-short-wearin'-piano-playin'-African-American-girl. How does the majority of the NYU population dress themselves?!</p>

<p>why would u need air condition? dont u need a heater in nyc? lol i use my heater where i live ALL day and its like 50-60 degrees lol how much do dorms go for? say..hayden?</p>

<p>Current year in school: HS Senior
Where ya from: 60 miles north of NYC
NYU School: CAS
Major: Pre-med track, dunno exactly what my major will be.</p>

<p>My son is a freshman in Tisch Film/TV and he lives in Hayden as do lots of ED students from last year. It is an air conditioned dorm which came in handy at the beginning of the year (but the air conditioned dorms are more expensive.) I think most the rooms have more than one closet- he hit pay dirt- they have two large walk-in closets and a third one by the door which is also big. The trade off is their view of the top of the cafeteria, but they don't seem to care. He loves Hayden and is happy to be there and the location is great.</p>

<p>Major: Music Business
I live on Long Island and I was accepted!!! Got it today!!
anyone else for music business?? Can't wait!</p>

<p>major: film / tv
From LA, CA </p>

<p>can't wait to meet you guys!</p>

<p>btw, you all should add me on youtube/facebook!</p>

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<p>yayyy (:</p>

<p>also - thanks for the info momofdb! i've still got a decent amount of research to do but all the information from students/their parents is so helpful (:</p>

<p>guitargirl, you made the NYU news blog!</p>

<p>Neurotic</a> NYU Hopeful a Shoe-In for Tisch | NYU Local</p>