Admitted for transfer - but not for film studies

Hello! I’m a current community college student who previously attended Seattle University for a year. I left because I had undiagnosed ADD and pretty much had a breakdown while I was up there, and I finished my last quarter failing a class and C’s in the other two. I’ll be graduating with my Associate’s in Multidisciplinary Studies in May. I was previously enrolled in the stenography program for a semester.
I’ve got mostly A’s on my transcript from community college - sans machine shorthand, which I finished with a D, pre-cal, microeconomics, and geology (all B’s).
I applied to LMU early action with a first-choice major of Media Studies, and my second-choice was International Relations (I should’ve picked History). I got my admissions decision back in January and I wasn’t admitted for Media Studies. Is there any reason why? Media Studies is an open major, not competitive, correct? Why would they cap the program when I applied early action? I have several film studies courses under my belt from Seattle U and I demonstrated my interest in film history in my essays. I’m just confused as to why I couldn’t get in to Media Studies.