Admitted Honors Student - better to visit Scholars Day or New Dawg Info Day?

DD from OOS will have one chance to visit UGA before deciding her final college choice. We have never been to UGA before. She was auto admit to Honors but not selected for Foundation Fellows so now we are ready to plan a visit. Which of the subject programs would be the most beneficial? TIA

Absolutely the Honors day. It will highlight all that honors offers, she can tour Myers ( honors dorms) and can attend a panel with current honors students.

Sorry to chime in late - I will share our experience a couple of years ago. We went to the Honors admitted day instead of new dawgs day which was fine…but…

  • Turns out there was a New Dawgs day the same day - check and see if that’s the case b/c then you can get the best of both
  • The 2 programs were not in the least bit coordinated despite being held on the same day (they really should be coordinated)
  • New dawgs day included info on where/when for dorm tours (besides Myers) that were open on a drop in basis all day - no one in the Honors session knew this but we spread the word once we discovered it
  • New dawgs day has academic drop in sessions - you don’t really need to be signed up for most of them - just show up
  • New dawgs day also had info on Freshco, dawg camp, double dawgs - again on a drop in basis
    Bottom line - check the itin /info for new dawgs day and if it happens to be going on same day as honors, hop in on both!
    The honors program was interesting for sure but not enough to fill a whole day. My dd attended a class as part of the honors day program and she really could have skipped that. Didn’t really matter to her.

Thank you! I just saw this. We will be there Friday for Scholars Day. We won’t have an Honors session and hopefully DD already knows enough from what she has read online and received in the mail. Did you DD end up attending UGA Honors? If so I would love some feedback. We are OOS in NC and she has also been admitted to UNC-CH.

my daughter and her dad will also be there this Friday! We are OOS from SC. What kind of money was offered to your child, if you don’t mind sharing? UGA is my daughters first choice but half the difference of instate and OOS tuition still leaves us with a lot to pay.
We visited out in-state school she applied to and while it would be a lot cheaper, she is just NOT loving it :frowning:

Hi and hope you had a great day! Sorry if I misunderstood your original post but I don’t know what Scholars day is for admitted students so I thought you were referring to the Honors Day invite. Yes my daughter is in UGA honors now and by far the best thing for her is getting early registration so she is practically guaranteed to get the classes and teachers she wants. She has also liked her honors section classes- like honors Fresh chem followed a different syllabus than the standard chem class that she thought was better. I don’t think she really takes advantage of that many other honors’ offerings or activities but she is on track to graduate with honors.
UNC CH is a great school though - and in state for you!

D is admitted honors also, OOS. Can you pass on New Dawgs days- Admitted Student days? We must’ve missed the notice

New Dawgz signup and dates you can find here

Thanks a ton!

Thanks so much!