Admitted students class of 2018

<p>Anyone apply EA that has been admitted? Will you accept their offer and what were the reasons you applied? My daughter was just admitted and it is one of just a handful of schools we did not visit. She received an amazing scholarship so it's definitely at the top of the list now. Just wondering if anyone else had heard back yet.... Thanks!</p>

<p>Congratulations to your daughter, very exciting. Daughter applied EA & received the Founders Scholarship. Have not visited yet but plan to attend admitted day event.</p>

<p>We will be at the Admitted Students day as well. I really wish there was a FB page for accepted students so my daughter could see and get to know others. A few of the other schools she has been accepted to have those so students can start looking for roommates and just get a general sense of who will be going. She has taken 1 school off her list because of that as well. My daughter is really concerned with the very small OOS population and hopes most students will stay on campus over the weekends. Maybe we’ll see you in April!</p>

<p>I will chime in here because I was really the only CC Mom last year who posted my D’s admittance to Cal Lutheran. My D made her final decision to attend at the Admitted Student Day. </p>

<p>I just wanted you to know that my D is in her suite with 3 other roommates. One is from Long Beach and has gone home maybe once a month on the weekends. The other two are from out of state (Colorado and Washington State) and they definitely do not go home on weekends. So, she has been very lucky that her roommates (two of them are her best friends at school now) do not disappear over the weekends. However, she claims that Cal Lutheran is ‘boring’ on the weekends. None of the girls have a car so they are kind of stuck trying to find things to do.</p>

<p>I think in the long run, students need a car at Cal Lu because it is very suburban and there is nothing really within walking distance of the school. There is a city bus that goes around Thousand Oaks but they don’t seem to want to have anything to do with it. There is a small strip mall with Trader Joe’s, coffee shop and some cheap restaurants (they eat a lot at the Mexican restaurant) that is within walking distance. It’s very safe to walk around there.</p>

<p>She’s home for break now and I just asked her how many students leave on the weekends. She says she thinks it’s about 40% and she does know a couple of kids who are left in empty dorm rooms over the weekends. I think the school makes an effort to put the students who come from far away into the same rooms.</p>

<p>hello all,</p>

<p>We live near Mission Viejo, Ca. and my daughter comes only on holidays. She has never felt left out or lonely on the weekends. She has her homework, friends, clubs, etc. to keep her busy. Every once in a while we do drive up to see her and take her to dinner. She loves that we are close enough to visit, but she is independent and on her own. It’s a fabulous school. the academics are wonderful. My daughter is learning a ton and is looking forward to putting her knowledge into her future job, an elementary school teacher. </p>

<p>Academics are very important in our family. Our son graduated from Harvard a few years ago and is currently at Harvard Law School. My daughter feels the academics are quite challenging and is preparing her very well for the future. The administrators are fabulous. If you (the parent) has any concerns they will respond to you as well. Of course it’s up to the student, but they do keep the parents in the loop, if that is something that is important to the family.</p>

<p>Great area, great school, great academic… we love CLU.</p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

<p>Got in with a 22k scholarship. </p>

<p>Congrats Shan5696! Just curious where you live? I have a hunch they are being very generous with OOS students. </p>