Admitted Students Day?

Does anybody know if/when Denison does Admitted Students Day(s)?

We’re planning a family event in April and my D applied RD so we don’t know if she’ll be accepted yet but if she is one of the lucky ones we want to make sure that we’ll be able to attend an Admitted Student event.

Perhaps just call Admissions to ask if they could identify the dates as you are planning family commitments?

They do several Admitted Student Days in April. I think I recall, but am not positive, that there are both single day formats and overnight formats. My kid did an overnight, which had something like a Sunday mid-afternoon check-in, with tours in the late afternoon, and separate dinners for students and parents – there were faculty and administrators presenting during the parent dinner, very helpful. Students and parents came back together for student panel on a range of topics in the evening and student entertainment. Students went off with their hosts and parents left. Then the next day, students visited classes, departments had open houses, as did Career Center, Athletic Center, Financial Aid etc., there were some more panel options. My kid had been accepted ED but we went anyway and came away even more impressed, and my kid more excited.

When my daughter was admitted (RD) she was offered a fly-in for admitted student day in April. She didn’t have exceptional stats, so we were surprised that they would pay for visit. Another of her friends who was admitted RD had the same offer. They both were pretty set on other schools, so we didn’t take Denison up on it, but it may be an option for your D.