Admitted students days!

<p>When are they?</p>

<p>(Sorry if this thread is out of place!).</p>

<p>For Columbia College either April 11th and 12th or 18th and 19th. But seeing as decisions aren't out yet, maybe you shouldn't worry about these things yet? As an international I can't go to these kind of things anyways :(</p>

<p>thanks. actually I got into Barnard ED, so I was just wondering if CC's was at the same time (they are) so I could carpool with a CC friend.</p>

<p>i got a likely and it said april 11, 12, 18, 19...
i'm international too but i think i might go if i also get accepted to other unis in the area...just to compare</p>

<p>Oh, in that case, that's wonderful. I wonder how these days work.
Congratulations on Barnard! Maybe we all will meet next year, if kelloggss and i decide to go :)</p>