Admitted to NCSU | Virginia Tech (Vtech); Confused which to finalise


I have been admitted for MS Electrical program at NCSU and Virginia Tech, for the Fall19 session. I want to focus in the power system domain and am confused in what to finalise.

Factors which are important for me-

  1. Power system program strength and reputation outside among the employers and in USA in general.
  2. Academic quality- Learning outcome and the course depth with respect to what industry people demand/ practical exposure and knowledge acquired.
  3. Most IMP- Job and intern prospects for students in power system.
  4. The grooming and culture you get during the program over your 2 year study.

It will be a great help if I can get some suggestions and insights with respect to the above 4 factors. I am quite worried as only 1 week is left to make a final choice.

Thanks in advance.