Admitted to UCI just now (help plz)

<p>did anyone else receive acceptance WITH </p>

You have been admitted with
conditions. Your letter of admission
and Transfer Conditions for
Admission, specifying the terms of
your provisional admission, will
be mailed shortly. "</p>

<p>I didn't receive that message from UCSD, did anyone else get that same message of conditions from UCI? Thanks. Oh I didn't receive that message from UCSD but I got standard messages in the provisional contract like you are required to finish 60 semester units, maintain a 2.0, etc~. Is this what I should be expecting from UCI?</p>

<p>Yes, you're accepted. Good job.</p>

<p>lilxlazy: Log onto the UCI site and look for "Steps to Enrollment at a Glance". Click on "transfer conditions" and it should tell you everything you need to know about your provisional admission.</p>

<p>where's my admission result? :'[</p>