<p>Not sure if anyone is following SFSU much, but for those that are. I was accepted last week to the Cinema Major as a Freshman, Fall 2011. (Also got accepted to LMU's Film Production major last month, so I probably won't be attending SFSU)</p>

<p>hey, i got accepted to sfsu cinema too. I saw it online about 2 weeks ago but haven't received anything in the mail. Have you?</p>

<p>no, nothing in the mail yet. But I got LMU's packet around Thanksgiving. Still have to wait a while to find out about USC and Chapman.</p>

<p>yeah i got into lmu too. do you know when we hear back from usc?</p>

<p>Have you both submitted fall semester grades already, or was that not required? My semester doesn't end for a few more weeks so I was assuming I wouldn't hear until after that.</p>

<p>My S was accepted also, sorry I can't tell you when exactly because we hadn't looked until this week, but they did not ask for fall semester grades from him. As a matter of fact, it specifically says online where it shows his status as "admitted" now, that he should not send them. It says admission is conditional on sending final transcript only. He also received an email to apply for housing because it's VERY tight in SF and I don't think it's guaranteed at all. This was his sure thing safety and he's already been accepted at LMU so he won't be attending, but I hope this information helps.</p>

<p>for applicants keeping track, admission packet came in the mail today</p>

<p>@kevin USC won't be until mid-March probably</p>

<p>I didn't have to send fall semester either. It just says to send my final transcript.</p>

<p>I applied to SFSU for the Fall 2011 semester as a CC transfer student, expecting to get conditional acceptance based on my 3.97 GPA and the fact that I had finished or was taking all of the required GE classes. I never got a letter from them. In early December I checked my online application status, and it said my admission status was "incomplete" because they needed my Fall 2010 transcripts. If I hadn't checked online, I would have never known, they never informed me otherwise through mail or email. I just sent them my updated transcripts with my final grades last week, now I'm just waiting to hear back from them... </p>

<p>Has anyone else not heard from them because they had to send in their Fall transcripts? I was just disappointed that I didn't get conditionally accepted like everyone else seemed to.</p>

<p>I didn't even know. The one and only letter they sent me said that they would email me if they needed anything. NOW I had to go and search for that site and I have found out I need to have my transcripts in no later than the 12 of FEB. I'm so glad I read this thread!</p>

<p>I originally was told they wanted 7th semester, an official transcript of a comm. college class I took, and my AP scores. I contacted admissions and asked why they would need my comm. college transcript or my AP scores since those weren't applicable to the question of acceptance (only to placement and credit), and they agreed, waived those, and told me to send 7th semester when it was available. My 7th sem transcript is not quite available yet and thus obviously I haven't sent it, but now my status is "admitted" (Cinema) and the only request is for my final HS transcript. So...stay on top of your status with SFSU. It seems to be a somewhat fluid process.</p>

<p>i also applied to sfsu through community college. i sent my transcripts and they received them last week. my application is currently being evaluating. im so nervous since i only have a 3.1 :/</p>

<p>They requested me to send in my transcript and AP scores as well... my counselor said that I got randomly chosen for this weird checking system thing that apparently some UCs and Calstate has. My counselor said they randomly pick students to send in their transcript and AP scores to ensure that the students are lying about their grades and test scores on the application...</p>

<p>They just received my transcript yesterday so now I'm waiting for a decision > <</p>

<p>SFSU received my transcripts 2 weeks ago and i still dont have a decision -_-</p>

<p>anyone got accepted? im still waiting for my decision....</p>

<p>i got accepted, i checked through sf gateway. you shud login into it and check your admissions status</p>

<p>My D was asked to send AP scores and 1st semester of 12th grade transcript back in December. We paid to have the AP scores sent and that was removed from the 'To Do' list in January. We've sent 4 transcripts since December and they evidently haven't received any of them or they haven't gotten around to processing them. The SF Gateway still shows the transcript on her 'To Do' list and they have sent 4 emails since Jan 31 requesting the transcript. The deadline was initially 2/11/2011 but changed to 2/25/2011 on Feb 2. The emails say if they don't receive her transcript by the deadline, she will not be considered for Fall 2011 admission to SFSU. The hs counselor called SFSU admissions before mailing the 4th transcript and they said they don't request them before the student is admitted and denied that they had sent any emails with such a request! I called yesterday and was told there is a big backlog and just to ignore the emails. Very frustrating. We are hand-carrying a transcript there today since the deadline is a week from today.</p>

<p>We thought that they were asking for these supplemental documents because she selected an impacted major (Biology/Physiology). But, several of my D's friends have been accepted and were never asked for transcript or AP scores, and at least one declared the same major.</p>

I was in the same situation as your D. I was pretty confused when I checked my admission status in Jan as well since I know Cal States and UCs usually don't request transcripts and AP grades. I asked my counselor and he said that sometimes Cal States and UCs will do random check by randomly selecting students to send in their transcript and AP scores. This is to prevent students from randomly inputting their grades when self reporting. I don't know if its true or not and I seriously don't know why a student would want to lie about their grades either (since they will have to send in a final transcript anyways)... But you will need to call them or email them like I did.</p>