<p>My D learned Saturday night, through the portal, that she was admitted. She has not received an email yet. She applied pre-bus with a 3.5, ACT superscored was a 24; Eng 27, Math 25, Reading 23?, Science 21. She earned AP credit for US History. We are outside the service area.</p>

<p>Two of her friends also received their admission's notice. Another pre-bus and one education, both had mid-3 GPA and made the remedial cut-off for Eng and Math. A close friend in her econ class has not received her's, though they applied on the same date. She has a 3.7, but did not make the remedial cut-off for Eng or Math. She's pre-bus and more than makes the eligibility index so they're hoping it's just a delay. Coincidently, the girls that all heard have an "H" last name...probably just a coincidence.</p>

<p>I initially had her retake the ACT so we didn't have to spend $ on remedial math and have her schedule get set back. I'm glad I did that as there won't be any ELM testing looming. She is on cloud nine and it looks to be a straight shot from here. </p>

<p>Thanks to everyone who posted here last year; your input made the planning easy. It feels sort of surreal. Rarely do these things go this smoothly. I was preparing for the roller coaster ride that my son had four years ago. </p>

<p>Off to order a sweatshirt...</p>

<p>Congtats! She's going to love it there.</p>

<p>Congrats! If you are ever on campus and want a tour of dorms or need any advice, let me know!</p>


<p>My D is a freshman there now and loves it. The small class sizes have been really a plus. Lots of individual attention.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone! She has the SSU sticker on her car now and comes home regularly with stories of students who plan to go their also or have siblings or friends going their. Happy, happy...</p>

How is getting classes going? Is your D getting everything she needs?</p>


<p>I just got admitted as well (Economics, transfer BA). I'm not sure if I'm attending (I live in LA and I haven't had a chance to check out that campus yet), but I like how quickly they made their decision compared to the other schools. So far everyone else is dead silent.</p>

<p>Right off the bat you're seeing the advantages of a small school with adequate staff VS the big schools with 35,000 students battling for attention.</p>

<p>Otc2010: my D loves the small classes and access to her instructors. It has been easy for her to make friends</p>

<p>She knew it was for her and it took some convincing of us, her parents. Now I can see it was a good choice</p>

<p>Interesting because it was the last school to admit her! For some reason she wasn't notified until March, even though she had very sufficient stats.</p>

<p>My D has been accepted to Sonoma State - Psychology major. We live in the East Bay and have not visited the campus yet. We plan to visit in about two weeks before deciding between Sonoma State, CSU Channel Islands, Whittier and Southern Oregon.</p>

<p>I would appreciate any advice regarding this school, psych major there, freshmen housing and any pointers for the visit.</p>

<p>Thank you, everyone! </p>

<p>Decision: Accepted back in December</p>

<p>SAT I: 1780
SAT II: Spanish - 690
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.5
Weighted GPA: 3.95
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): school does not rank
AP (place score in parenthesis): AP Spanish Language (4), AP English Language (3), AP US History (4), AP Spanish LIt & Culture (3). Will take AP Macroeconomics, AP Gov, and AP Stat this May.
Senior Year Course Load: AP Stat, AP Macroeconomics, AP Gov, Medical Spanish, Sports Med, Short Stories
Country: US
Accepted to: University of Oregon, San Diego State, Cal Poly SLO, University of San Francisco, Loyola Marymount, UC Santa Cruz
Rejected at: UC Davis</p>

<p>Hi - new to College Confidential. I'm the mom. DD 18 accepted to Sonoma. She has not yet decided, but is leaning very strongly to accepting. Biology major in East Bay. She will be joining the Horse Team. Her grades are not nearly as impressive as sfbayarea14 or otc2010, but she's at a very competitive high school.</p>

<p>Taking tour on April 4th and visiting during decision day on April 12th. </p>

<p>My D is a freshman there and loves it. (however I’m a Duck so U of Oregon is also a good choice!). If you want a small school, I highly recommend Sonoma.</p>